F44 Red Game Jam Special: Deep Space Mission Completed. After Jam Report.

It was a cosmos! 32 hours of an intense marathon, sparkling creativity, in a fantastic atmosphere, among extremely talented and ambitious astronauts flew with Warp 6. 

This is our fourth, the biggest, biggest EVER international F44 Red Game Jam. It was so spectacular, interesting and creative! Report from our event only for you and only with us!

F44 Red Game Jam Special: The Deep Space Mission continued with no stops from 8.00 March 30 to 16.00 March 31. (Man, how could you say we’re sleeping? we’re coding here!) Over 50 people met to compete in the competition for the most awesome mission in the deep space. It was as dense as the nebula, although there was plenty and good fun. The gravity of our Jam has brought the cosmic pioneers from many Polish lands (yo Bydgoszcz, Jaworzno, Istebna, Gliwice, Wrocław and the rest of Silesia!) And even guests from far away corners of the world (cheers C.VC :)). Jam joined guests from the WSB Academy from DG and Cieszyn, the Silesian University of Technology and High School (greetings and welcome again!) and future cadets of these. The “Q” border is defeated! 

The new recruits were heavily trained by F44 Red Starship Core Member Dawid 5hadow in a well-prepared game dev workshop in the Unity.

The fight for the podium was well balanced and the level of the games was very high. 9 crews, 9 ideas for a cosmic adventure. This was a great test of perseverance, which all recruits and veterans have passed (it was not easy though 🙂 the time change did not help).

In this leveled fight, individual votes decided about the podium and off the podium.

The Idea Flood’s “Slime The Space” won this time – congrats! In Slim The Space, we play a new, cosmic race and our task is to assimilate four cosmic whales. How? … Come on to us, we will talk about all 9 games! 🙂

Right next to Slime …:

“Uranus Riders”, created by Uranus Riders :); what great asteroids, that 3D, game mech and intro!

“Space Pouder” – by #main_yasuo team (the lowest average age, greets the youngest of the team – keep it up Krzychu!); great explosions, this boss ‘n’climate (in total typical for some of this team)

“Maze Crawler” – by Noble Code, nice algos for maze generation, interesting laser physics

“Spacer” by Plantany team, the only web-based, great approach

“Deep Space Hobos”, by Cyber Hobos – original presentation on the process, thanks for sharing, great sound effects! (that green smoke too :))

“Better Man’s Sky”, by Andromeda Screw, international team, great presentation, interesting mechanics 🙂 and sense of humor, cheers to captain Triangle!

“Yolo Space”, by Yolo Space :), original (all), hidden mechanics, an award for the first one, who’ll guess the game hidden author’s idea

“Planet Simulator” – by Delta Szwadron Komando Wilków Alfa team, self-adhesive aliens, nice plain, congrats for fighting to the very end!

F44 Red Game Jam Special: Deep Space Mission is the first such a big (in almost every dimension) event organized by Reds so far. Pure satisfaction – thanks to you, it will stay in our memory for a long time.

We would like to thank our sponsors – Błękitny Orzeł and the best academic partner – WSB University

It looks like this is the end. WRONG! We won’t give you a break from F44 Red.

We’ve already started preparing new events and challenges. The climate’s guaranteed. Interested? Intrigued? Follow us on our website and social fanpages. Soon …


F44 Red Team