F44 Red 2nd Anniversary Barbeque (22.06) – Let’s Celebrate!

“To travel a thousand miles, you have to take the first step” – Bruce Lee. We’ve made the first step, and even two, because the second year of the official activity of the Student Club F44 Red is passing by.

Thanks to the enormous commitment and effort, as well as the support of our partners, F44 Red could rise to the next, higher levels of activity. Our community has grown by more valuable and committed people, and we have successfully implemented the mission of disseminating science, creating innovative products, as well as infecting others with a passion for programming and creating a world of computer games.

This year is countless workshops, a game of cavities, including our largest, so far 32-hour, crazy Game Jam: Deep Space Mission, participation in the next conference, where F44 Red was represented by up to 6 members of our club. Finally, this is the year in which we were honored and above all appreciated by the international commission, the title of European digitization champion.

We would like to thank all active members of the club for their tireless, persistent and great activity. Thanks for our friends and supporters for the support and multiplicity of positive energy that they gave us.

All members of our community and supporters are invited in the place where our club was born – in Cieszyn. Our plan: summary of the year – in the open air, barbeque, and a lot of great fun!

The perfect atmosphere, barbecue equipment, tea and coffee – guarantee. The participants provide their own foods.

Let’s meet on 22/06/2019 at 4pm on Leopold Staffa 6 street, in Cieszyn.

See you!