The Very Wild West

Coming soon...

A special, 30h edition of teamwork against creating computer games, organized by F44 Red. Everything takes place within a great ambience of competition, along with wild west themes! Remember, REQUIRED MINIMUM AGE – 16+!

An important Notice

In the interests of the safety and health of our community and, above all, participants of the upcoming Game Jam F44 Red Game Jam Special The Very Wild West, we inform that the decision has been made to postpone the organization of many events, including our Game Jam for an indefinite period – depending on the development of the situation in Poland and in the world.

Thank you all for your huge commitment to the organization of our flagship event. We hope that The Very Wild West will come back to us in the near future, again with the same organizers, participants and speakers.

We apologize for any inconvenience,
F44 Red Team.

Sharing Ideas

Our main priority is sharing knowledge among all the participants.

Great Ambience

Everyone can play his hunch and create whatever she/he likes.


Outfit related to event's theme is highly recommended, although not necessary to have fun.


Event Programme

GameDev Conf

We’d like to invite to an open gamedev conference right before the Game Jam itself. It’s not mandatory. More details about the Conf available at event’s page hosted at Eventbrite.

Founding teams

Each one of attendees registers through Eventbrite. A team consists of max 6 people. Each group choses its leader, who has to publish their game by the very end at given location.


After teams establishment and chosing an unique name, all details have to be passed to organizers. You can do it directly or through our Discord channel. Right after the proper jamming kicks off. The theme is the very wild west. Take special care of creating a game which respects event’s regulation.


2h before the end, teame have 30 min to upload their game to given location. If the game requires special runtime, one should include it along with executables. Each team has 5 min to show their work off. The last thing is voting.

How? Where? When?

Here are some essentials about the event itself.


Conference registration and the Conf

Registration, founding teams

Theme publication


Upload, showoff & voting


WSB Academy

Dąbrowa Górnicza

ul. Zygmunta Cieplaka 1C

41-300 Polska

Audytorium D


Overall time soon...

Registration (hackathon) soon...

Teams soon...

Upload & voting soon...

Summary along with prizes

*As it comes to the sanitation – showers and toilets are located near Audytorium D.