F44 Red Front Meme Factory workshops: Angular & Typescript #1 (2.XI)

On incoming Friday, 02.10.2018 at 17.00 in WSB Academi in Dąbrowa Górnicza, there will be first F44 Red workshop on a new series of Front Meme Factory, dedicated to JS-based front end technologies.

The first meeting will cover Angular framework and Typescript languagehosted by F44 Red member – Dawid “JavaScript”Entrance is free of costs. We are starting from the very beginning, you don’t need any experience in mentioned technologies.

What it takes:
– we start with building a simple editor and viewer of memes: objects, text, layers
– simple CRUD operations mentioned
– Angular routing & navigation
– Typescript elements
– p5.js elements

Requirements: take your own hardware, for the rest who doesn’t have one, we’ll find something.

Let’s meet ad WSB Academy facility in Dąbrowa Górnicza at 17.00 in hall no. 440. Workshops are completely free for all the participants. Come in!