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The end of the 18th century is the beginning of a great revolution that changed our reality forever. The steam engine, printing and universal access to education changed everything in such a short (on a world scale) time. Today, more than two centuries later, we are facing another revolution – digital one. F44 Red consciously participates in it. We’re an amazing team with great ideas. We’re interested in AI, 3D printing, blockchain, internet of things, VR / AR, mobile applications, cyber security, cloud and quantum computing. The Area 44 is a place for many of our projects that participate in the digital transformation movement. Projects, some of which may permanently influence the shaping of the future digital world.


Bionic Hand

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Pioneers have built a new world. Today we live in its digital version. The future will be shaped by artificial intelligence along with the internet of things. In the coming years they will be built into all technologies and significant solutions. The work of many people can be replaced by machines equipped with artificial intelligence. However, it is a human, as the creator, has an irreplaceable role. In our hands the future of the civilization. We’re creators of the reality that surrounds us. The open mind, the pursuit of innovation, the constant need to discover “unexplored lands” has been and will always be the engine of progress. We are the driving force of the world!” Piotr K. Sroczynski