R44 Red Meetup: PC Building & OC

We’re pleased to invite all Members and Friends of our club on R44 Red Meetup: PC Building & OC. The meeting will take place on Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 4 p.m., at the WSB Academy in Cieszyn.

Very interesting, but also practical issues will present: Dawid “5hadow”.

Main menu – you will learn:
how to build a computer that has the performance of equipment worth 5,000 PLN, it costs 4 500 PLN, and you pay only 4,000 PLN for it.
how to choose components, assemble a computer and overclock the processor.

For dessert, some extras on cable management and how to LEDize your surroundings – a cathode knowledge cap.

Positive atmosphere in the package! After workshop small macafterparty!

Free admission for everyone who is interested.

Required: Your presence and good mood.

Let’s meet at the WSB Academy in Cieszyn in the club F44 Red at 4 p.m.. Workshops are free for all participants.

Enjoy !!