F44 Red Brand New Endomondo Challenges *Now completely OPEN* *SPRING REACTIVATION*

A brand new sport challenges at Endomondo ™! We brought it on totally opened this time, for everyone up in four categories! Give it a shot and join us!

Spring reactivation – LET’S BEGIN!

Karate Kyokushin’s artificer, one of the most honored popularizer of the art once said:

„If you have confidence in your own words, aspirations, thoughts, and actions and do your very best, you will have no need to regret the outcome of what you do. Fear and trembling are lot of the person who, while stinting effort, hopes that everything will come out precisely as he wants.”

Every day, the sun stays longer on the horizon. It’s time to move to conquer the world. 🙂 We produce endorphins and fill up with good energy, that’s why we’ve just started (all the progress is recorded by the Endomondo app):

CHALLENGE: F44 Red On Foot: Spring Reactivation March

Individual goal (kilometers counts: walked, run, using them own legs)


Less than 5 km.: Couch Potato

6 – 15 km.: Sid

16 – 30 km.: Manny

31 – 45 km.: Squirrel

46 – 60 km.: Road Runner

61 – 79 km.: Tasmanian Devil

Over 80km: Hurricans Crazy

CHALLENGE: F44 Red On Wheels: Spring Reactivation March

Individual goal (kilometers counts: wheels, wheels plus boards charged by them muscles, for sure ;))

Less than 10 km.: Couch Potato

11 – 30 km.: Sid

31 – 60 km.: Manny

61 – 90 km.: Squirrel

91 – 120 km.: Road Runner

121 – 159 km.: Tasmanian Devil

Above 160km: Hurricans Crazy

A handful of them rules:

All the exercises are up to save at one’s own Endomondo profile. One has to use GPS tracking during both, On Foot and On Wheels challenges. Without using it, one will be removed from the each challenge. Tracking data can be hidden. Invite your friends!

CHALLENGE: F44 Red Time Master: Spring Reactivation March

Individual goal (really active minutes):

Below 5h: Sid

5h – 10h: Manny

10h – 15h: Squirrel

15h – 25h: Road Runner

25h – 40h: Tasmanian Devil

Powyżej 40h: Hurricans Crazy

Team goal: beat highscore achieved on July (is it possible?!)!

More than: 358,7 h / 21527 min / 14.95 days till the end of current month (1st-31st March).

And the last one, for the toughest guys, there’re fancy F44 Red stickers awaiting. Winter madness:

CHALLENGE: F44 Red Burning: Winter

Individual goals (scorch them calories, achievable badges):

Lower than 2k kcal: Couch Potato! ( W/o any award, we’re really sorry :))

10k kcal+: Burning Sid

20k kcal+: Burning Manny

30k kcal+: Burning Squirrel

40k kcal+: Burning Road Runner

55k kcal+: Burning Tasmanian Devil

Over 70k kcal: Burning Hurricans Crazy

This one challenges takes place on between 1st Jan and 31st March 2019.

The awards are waiting for first 100 people (the best on the list), so don’t hesitate to invite your friends.

Remember, all that counts the great and fair fun is. Our main target is outstanding stamina and neat health conditions.

You can earn exclusive titles:

  • Remember Sid, that little, not really active sloth? “Leave me alone! The same lark every damn year! Why doesn’t anyone love me? Nobody gives a damn about Sid the sloth! Ok, then I’m going alone.” This kind of achievement is aimed at the less active ones
  • “Ima not fat! It’s all just about the fur! That’s why I am such… plumpy.” – Manny, one of the last mammoths on Earth – it’s aimed for them warriors.
  • For fighters leaving fumes behind we prepared crazy Squirrel achievement  Anyone up?
  • Those situated a bit upper are about to get Road Runner title(15 – 25 hours),
  • Above, it’s a kind of demolition, but our favorite one since it’s lethal and not many cadets manage to survive. Get ready for a Tasmanian Devil!
  • Wait a second. Is there anything else? Of course it is. The last one category for the most tough guys –  a title of Hurricans Crazy
  • The prize: loads of satisfaction, time being spent by a breathtaking natural environment among friends; opportunity to face and overcome one’s weaknesses :).

Already interested? Want to show off your skills against F44 Red? Hit us immediately! Join us at Endomondo!