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About us

F44 Red (F44 Red Science Club) is a non-profit brand of NoCodeX, LLC (TX, USA), whose founder and CEO is Piotr K. Sroczyński. A talent’s forge. Open to everyone,regardless of age, gender, origin or work experience.The most known activities of F44 Red are: F44 Red Area 44 – project zone (commercial and R&D), F44 Red Game Jam and F44 Red An Acitive IT Community.

As a part of its activities, cyclical events are organized, among others: workshops(including game dev, programming or ethical hacking), thematic and technological Game Jams (hackathons), workplace visits and active participation in various national and international conferences. Since 2018 now, the F44 Red Science Club is in the elite group of Pioneers and Champions of Digitization of Europe by Financial Times and Google.

F44 Red Science Club established and took special patronage of the F44 Red Student Research Group operating at the WSB Academy. Piotr K. Sroczyński is the founder and mentor of the Students Research Group.

Our mission

F44 Red is an active participant in the digital transformation. We create a new, digital reality. Through many activities in many fields, we want to show that the digital world is fascinating, open to human creativity and accessible to everyone. F44 Red breaks the barriers to your development that reside solely in your mind.

The goal of F44 Red is to create a bridge between the academic and business community and above all to support each of its members in building and strengthening their individual characteristics and talents.

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