Sensei Game Jam in Wroclaw

Sensei Game Jam is a 48 hour event consisting in creating games – board games and digital ones. This year, participants prepared games at the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Wroclaw on December 8-10.

GameJam participants in Wroclaw

The main idea of Sensei Game Jam is to help inexperienced participants to create their first games with the help of mentors, who thanks to their experience can support virtually any game dev area. For us, it was an opportunity we couldn’t miss.
During event, over 200 participants were divided into teams, usually with 3-5 people in each. Participants could take part in one of two modes – classic where everyone could sing up alone or with team. Second mode was Sensei, in which participants were randomly assigned to teams, which could make it difficult to work in a team because they did not know their teammates.

The winners of the second place: from the left – Adam Polok and Dawid Raszka

Representation of the F44 Red Club participated in Sensei mode for the whole 3 days, which resulted in games created by them from the very beginning:

– Very Wild West by Adam Polok and Dawid Raszka – second place

– Retarded Terrorist by Edyta Legierska and Michał Drab – 7th place

– NieBoCorpo by Tomasz Honkisz and Daniel Dutkiewicz – 23rd place

The rivalry between over 50 teams was fierce, because participants were also juries. Despite big competition, everyone was very positive and helpful to each other.

Second place award

The atmosphere created by organizers was very unique and all participants will remember this event for a long time. Participants could take advantage of professional lectures and meet people with will to share their huge experience.

GameJam participant – Piotr Niemczuk

Participation in Sensei Game Jam isn’t only monotonous hours of writing the code and pulling hair out of the head, but also an interesting event during which you can meet many interesting people which often share your interests. People who willingly discuss with each other on various topics and share their experience, knowledge and priceless know-how of game development, but also the entire IT industry.

You can read more about Sensei Game Jam on the Sensei Game Jam website.

We warmly congratulate our winners and keep our fingers crossed for more successes!

Tomasz Honkisz, translated by Dawid Raszka.