F44 Red Front Meme Factory workshops: Angular & Typescript #2 (13.XII)

Upcoming Thursday, 13th of Dec at 6 p.m, at the WSB Academy in Dąbrowa Górnicza, the #2nd F44 Red Front Meme Factory workshop on JS frontend technologies.

The workshop will cover Angular framework and Typescript language, leaded by F44 Red member David – “JavaScript”. What are we going to do:

  • improve the previously created editor,
  • tell what are the websites,
  • prepare a front for cooperation with Web Api, which will be created at spring workshops,
  • list previously created memes, and add the options of downloading and deleting,
  • If there’s time left: how to test an app with Jasmine.

Free admission for all interested. This is a continuation of previous workshops, but if you don’t have experience yet, don’t worry! We will help 🙂

What it takes:

– we start with building a simple editor and viewer of memes: objects, text, layers

– simple CRUD operations mentioned

– Angular routing & navigation

– Typescript elements

– p5.js elements

Requirements: take your own hardware (laptop), for the rest who doesn’t have one, we’ll find something.

Let’s meet at WSB Academy in Dąbrowa Górnicza at 6 p.m in a lab. 440. Workshops are completely free for all the participants. Come in!