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The HALO EDGE Self-Racing Project has been launched

Halo Edge is both the design of an autonomous electric vehicle and the racing concept of many such vehicles, inspired by GTC organized by NVIDIA in San Jose, CA, or DIY Robocars at the Circuit Launch Coworking Space in Oakland, CA.


Halo Edge is a team, project, and community

Halo Edge is also the team that started it all. The F44 Red is building a new DYI Robocars community that will allow many enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals to join forces in this fascinating challenge. Join the team now – you know how to find us! 🙂


First steps

Team Halo Edge started with the open-source Donkey Car project. The assumption was to use the maximum available components for the construction of the vehicle. We wanted easy accessibility for as many pockets as possible. DonkeyCar was the beginning, but due to the unavailability of the vehicles on which the project was implemented, the Halo Edge fork of this project was created. The Overmax Monster 3.0 vehicle, easily available in Poland, became the base.

After disassembly, we attached a specially designed cage adapted to the mounting points and all the necessary components (camera, Raspberry PI 4, motor controllers, batteries, etc.).

As part of our activities, the first test track for the vehicle was also created. The vehicle, despite the weight, ran perfectly on the track.


What’s next?

We are working on better control and stabilization of the engines (the vehicle is very lively) and training neural networks for the already designed, second test track.


In the gallery below are photos from the work on the vehicle and track as part of the HaloEdge project. More about the project soon in Area44.