F44 Red marked 11th on City Internships International Competition

One and only representatives of Poland, 11th pos. among about 30 qualified undertakings, 2nd with 4 technical organizations. That’s the result of annually competition targeting students held by City Internships.

Everything took place between 4th and 23th of April. Organizations, which qualified into the competition gained views, likes and respect via social media, marketing strategy, the influence on collegial and local society.

Competition executives carefully glimpsed at preparations. We started to work after our application’s been received a successful validation.

One could really fight for something, the estimated rewards were really attractive. $1500 for a collegial organization and 2 Global Explorer  scholarships in London, New York or Los Angeles, worth $4650 each.

It’s worth to mention that City Internships is an international organization founded in 2011, in Los Angeles. They provide educational services in terms of tutorials, courses, coaching, undertakings directed to students and High School graduates (to support them at labor market).

It was a first one global competition which we participated in. The fact that we made it and qualified brings us loads of satisfaction. The next episode came out to be really interesting and well passed by the club, for we were able to discover our brand new friends and to see our range does not end only by the local society, we are able to reach everyone.

We are grateful to our supportives. Congratulations to winners of the contest! We send the best wishes to all the other organizations, which we could participate and meet with.

F44 Red, translated by Adam Polok.