Dream teams meeting. Rekord S.I. Ltd. indwells F44 Red.
Two dream teams. Engagement. Passion. Talent. Common undertakings. Great fun.
What does Rekord S.I. do, and how do they do it? How to create a workplace, which takes most of the communication and coordination in teams? What does implementation officer does? Na czym polega praca wdrożeniowca? Lastly, how many sweets are needed to persuade programmers?  ?

We could get to know about all of these stuff during a collegial visit in Rekord Ltd. company, which is located in Bielsko-Biała. Everything took place on 19th of June. The ambience was surprisingly inspiring and nice. It took two teams, full of enthusiasts, creative ones, people with rich experience and IT knowledge on one side, and clever, engaged, knowledge-desirous students on the other side.

Inside the facility, we were bid and presented their activities by Mr. Peter Szymura – software development CEO. Our team did not miss thrilling diversions in a shape of detailed quiz about the Rekord company.

The last one milestone occurred to be very interesting and challenging. That’s because we took part in SCRUM workshop, during which we were working side by side with Rekord labourers on building a Hollywood 2.0 City from LEGO. By the very beginning we could see how complicated the process is, ending with three, completely different looking cities build by three teams. We managed to get rid of all the misunderstandings and issues and by the time our cooperation was pretty well. The last part of quest was to persuade labourers with sweets to supply us with a crucial part to finish Hollywood 2.0 ?.

The organization we met during the workshop was really appealing and enriched our knowledge, experience, so we can make use of it later on by F44 Red’s activities.

Big thanks again for warm welcome, nice meeting in Record facility and ABK from WSB Academy for organizing the event.

F44 Red, translated by Adam Polok.