F44 Red Anniversary Barbeque (25.06) – Let’s Celebrate! (Finished)

It’s been a year since F44 Red Student Research Group & Club began their official activities. Members and followers of our society were celebrating it at a place where it all started. There was a BQQ, chillout and some neat fun.

“In order to taste my cup of water you must first empty your cup.” – Bruce Lee. We made our first sip. Sip directed into the main target of our society. Many things have happened for a year. F44 Red came alive thanks to great engagement, all the effort and propitious partners’ support. Our society swelled with new valuable and involved people and we were successfully realizing the goal to spread science, creating innovative products, infecting the others with programming passion and creating computer games.

Current year brought countless game development workshops, software development and IT security ones, 2 successful Game Jams, 2nd place at Sensei Game Jam and even more mini#jams. It’s a fine participation in many competitions, inc. international one, fantastic sport challenges and given honors. But it’s a part of what’s happened last year, which devoted our society and all guests, whom we’re grateful.

26.06 Update:

Our 恩師 Onshi speech started common celebration and summary of a one-year activity of F44 Red.

One could say it’s only a one year. For use therefore, it was a thrilling, interesting, inspiring and mobilizing period of activity – a year of challenges, achievements, science and opportunity to earn many new experiences. It’s time of continuous work, beating own weaknesses, seminal time full of successes. It was also a year, during which we could get to know how much of strength can be formed within a dream team.

The Monday Afternoon, 25th June, standed for retrospection, reflection, joy, amazing common fun and relax, all of it in state of making it our first sip.

To put everything together, 恩師 Onshi mentioned few of our deeds:

  • Really brave beginning – 2nd, 7th and 23rd place among 50 teams at Sensei Game Jam organized in Wrocław.
  • Another undertaking – F44 Red Game Jam – 12 unrelenting hours of creating computer games. 3 winning teams, and, essentially, great ambience, exchange of knowledge and experiences.
  • 2018 Innovator merit, granted by WSB Academy executives for our activity affecting collegial and local society.
  • Successful participation in City Internships’ competition, as only one team from Poland – ended with 11th pos. among 30 qualified teams.
  • An active involvement at ‘XVII Interdyscyplinarna Konferencja Kół Naukowych WSEPINM’ in Kielcach. It took great speeches – many debuts of our speakers.
  • Foundation of F44 Red Workshops – Spring, handled in Dąbrowa Górnicza and Cieszyn by our 恩師 Onshi.
  • Another, summer edition of F44 Red Game Jam. Consecutive winners, great ambience. F44 Red Game Jam WINNER shirts given!
  • Collegial visit at Rekord S.I.facility – an inspiring, full of new experiences and knowledge one.

We were activating physically as well. Our team knows how crucial for brain fitness is. So far we’ve done:

  • trip on the top of Czantoria,
  • F44 Red Master of Time: Babia Góra Edition,
  • common, almost 20-kilometers-long trip through Beskidy trails,
  • ongoing challenge – F44 Red Master of Time: The Honor Code June Edition,
  • a trip to Babia Góra and many more in front of us.

These are only selected activities of F44 Red. This year was really active. We gained tons of satisfaction after each, even the most tough undertaking.

We were really eager into meeting in neat ambience, celebrating our successes in midst of F44 Red, our families, friends and fans.

We did not miss tasty food and delicious bakings. There was a lot of laughter, common gameplay and karaoke. Even the weather itself didn’t make it to upset our applecart, for we know how to do it :).

Our crew is really grateful for all the help and support delivered by each person and organizations. We are also thankful to all the participants for their presence through many organized events.

It’s been a decent sip for F44 Red, but a great gulp for each of us. We ensure you our last word won’t come very fast. The team will perform lot of deeds to meet another year, more experienced and successful.

F44 Red – An Active IT Community!

Translated by Adam Polok.