F44 Red Game Jam Summer 17.06 – Relation

 For the umpteenth time people with great imagination, passion and talent had an opportunity to meet, share their knowledge and experience, but primarily to square off during the F44 Red Game Jam Summer, 2nd one of F44 Red game jams.

The event took place on 17th of June in Dąbrowa Górnicza. Despite of  tough period (exams) and incoming “R[…]” law changes, there were a lot of eager ones to participate in.

The creative and social struggle was joined in by many teams. There was enormous focus, many hilarious moments, it was cosy. We didn’t miss special props too (thanks to boys from Knightly Brotherhood) :).

Members of the club also prepared a delicious treat – showing their hidden culinary possibilities off :).

Created games were creative and crazy at the same time, there were intriguing ones and these wrecking with hilarious sense of humor.

Brajaranek with interesting, sick to be honest, model of steering, Busta Rider coming with intriguing theme making character escape police on a stolen bike, Freerun with brave duels audio coming through the walls, cute cats animated three times and so nice called Cat-o-horses and Crazy Rabbit – a showcase of brave rabbits armed with chef’s tools.

The prize for winners were F44 Red Game Jam Winner T-Shirts! These are the first ones ever gained by winning team!

We realized once more how creative and important such a meeting can be. To sum up, let’s summon one of our organizers: “Hmm, what to say about the jam… the ambience was really specific, one could realize that despite of individual work of each group, we co-created a one, common group.”

Congratulations to the winners and big thanks to all contestants for their presence.

We encourage our friends who’d like to participate in another Game Jam session (autumn edition) to follow our activities. The next event is going to be really thrilling(inc. many surprises). It’ll be creatively, innovativelyand really, reeealy extraordinary. You are about to meet vibe like never before!

F44 Red, translated by Adam Polok.