F44 Red Master of Time: Summer Time July

„One becomes a beginner after 1000 days of training. One becomes a master after 10,000 days of practice.” – 大山倍達 Ōyama Masutatsu. Empowered by the results of the next event we raised standards even more during this holiday.

Karate Kyokushin’s artificer, one of the most honored popularizer of the art once said:

„If you have confidence in your own words, aspirations, thoughts, and actions and do your very best, you will have no need to regret the outcome of what you do. Fear and trembling are lot of the person who, while stinting effort, hopes that everything will come out precisely as he wants.”

Period of a strenuous work is after use. The session is reaching its end, it’s time for an active rest in a form of any kind of movement. We introduce to you F44 Red Master of Time: Summer Time July challenge.

You can earn exclusive titles this time:

  • Remember Sid, that little, not really active sloth? “Leave me alone! The same lark every damn year! Why doesn’t anyone love me? Nobody gives a damn about Sid the sloth! Ok, then I’m going alone.” This kind of achievement is aimed at the less active ones 🙂 (less than 5 hours)
  • “Ima not fat! It’s all just about the fur! That’s why I am such… plumpy.” – Manny, one of the last mammoths on Earth 🙂 – it’s aimed for ones hitting between 5 and 10 hours a month.
  • For fighters hitting 10 – 15 hours we prepared crazy Squirrel achievement 🙂 Anyone up?
  • Those leaving dust after are about to get Road Runner title(15 – 25 hours),
  • Above 25 hours, it’s a kind of demolition, but our favorite one since it’s lethal and not many cadets manage to survive. Get ready for a Tasmanian Devil!
  • Wait a second. Is there anything else? Of course it is. The last one category for the most tough guys –  a title of Storm-force Crazy Dude 🙂 (more than 40 hours).

The team target: beat score achieved in June!

More than: 218,4 h / 13104 min. / 9,10 days till the end of current month.

The prize: loads of satisfaction, time being spent by a breathtaking natural environment among friends; opportunity to face and overcome one’s weaknesses :).

The date: 1st – 31th July.

Already interested? Want to show off your skills against F44 Red? Hit us immediately!

F44 Red, translated by Adam Polok.