F44 Red Master of Time: Babia Góra Edition Finished (update)

„The most productive work is the one which focuses oneself, it allows to seek youth appeal.”

We can’t stand plateau and so we still seek new challenges. The team learns to make things grow. Our development is directly connected with continuous self-development, beating the limits and barriers. Despite of that each of us is different, we know how much important cooperation is, how strong such a group is. One can earn much by individual deeds (by using a handful of  patience ?),  but with strength of companionate team one is able to relocate mountains. For now, we reign on reaching peaks only ?. Nothing makes you stronger and integrated as such as a commonly picked up effort.

So F44 Red proudly announces a challenge up for their members.

The target: mobilization of club members’ fighting spirit, inc. a minimal of 10 hours of solo and 120 hours of a group activity in total.

The prize: loads of satisfaction, time being spent by a breathtaking natural environment among friends. Moreover – individually – club’s shirt;  in a team – reaching the top of Babia Góra through Academic Pass & common photo in brand new T-shirts.

Due limit: from 10th up to 31st May.

So, to the battle, team! „Try not to rail at steeply road, when you are about to reach the top.”

Fingers crossed on our fighters!

1-06-2018: Update: Challenge Finished, The Target REACHED!

We’ve just finished the challenge. All of the participants, F44 Red members by the way, realized all est. goals!

By the end of the month, our competition reached its finish line. Club shirts are already waiting for our participants. Get ready and stay tuned for a complete relation about the trip to Babia Góra in short time.

We reach all the targets: each of us made it at least 10 hours, and team beat more than 120 hours in total.

Meanwhile, by terms of the challenge, members of our F44 Red Club organized a common venture through Beskidy’s trails. On 19th May 2018 we met at given time and location to realize an ambitious plan – beating an unrelenting mountain loop.We made it and passed 18,5 kilometers. The vibe across all the members were really pleasant, we did not miss hilarious moments, neither times of afterthought, for circumstances delivered by nature made it possible.

Such an active day was ended by a joint BBQ (thanks to parents of one of us for so warm welcome). It was a really neat and nice end off. We could relax and rest after a tough day, and of course, we did not lack any delicious food.

Henry Ford once said – „If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”  – it takes a pool of a still, persistent work to gain success (Onshi), that’s why we are launching another event in June. We will provide more info about it soon for you.