2018/2019 Academic Year Inauguration. Merits conferred for F44 Red members.


We are opening the academic year 2018/2019! During the inauguration of the academic year at the faculty in Cieszyn, three of us received merits from the Rector. Congratulations!

The opening ceremony was solemn, for 10th Anniversary of WSB Cieszyn’s facility it was. An inspiring lecture –  “Modele finansowania technologii i innowacji na świecie” was performed by Mark Zuber. The event itself could not miss F44 Red.

Three of F44 Red members received merits from the Rector:
Dawid Mohr, Adam Polok and Daniel Dutkiewicz.
Congratulations boys!

It’s 13th award for F44 Members and students of WSB Academy this calendar year. Thank you Academy!

It’s worth adding, that it’s another academic year, which brings many opportunities, challenges and so on. We are getting ready to action, as we don’t lack any particle of engagement. Right now we encourage to join incoming, brand new Game Jam. It’ll be really specific and really atmospheric – The Witchers, The Knights and Dragons. Reign on your arms and get in on 10th of November at AWSB in Dąbrowa Górnicza (more details soon, stay tuned).

But wait, it’s not over with November’s surprises. The clock is ticking and it counts down… what? You’ll gain an opportunity to get to know soon. Don’t leave us yet, follow our website and fanpages. We’re up to actively announcing another upcoming events along with (maybe live) relations.

To the battle enthusiasts of discovery!

F44 Red, translated by Adam Polok.