Reds at Infomex. Great Data Center.

F44 Red Team tirelessly discovers new lands. The beginning of March we came to the Żywiec Infomex company headquarters. For 25 years Infomex has been providing its clients with dedicated software and advanced IT solutions in the field of Data Center, IT infrastructure, telecommunications, and telecommunications engineering.

During the visit, we saw   dwsmfcnseviskvml;e the Infomex Data Center – one of the safest data centers in Poland. It has been designed for customers whose security policy obliges them to physically isolate systems from their surroundings.

As we had the opportunity to see, Infomex is a company that also cares about building long-term and prospective relationships with its clients. Particularly noteworthy is the company’s policy, which pays great attention to optimizing the costs of customers using, for example, the first in Poland flexible cloud platform Virtual Data Center, which we met thanks to one of the hosts of our meeting – Marcin Szczotka, Sales Manager responsible for the sale of Data Center services. In an extremely interesting way, he introduced us to the meanders of this innovative solution.

In the climate of the servers, we also had a fascinating, long and inspiring conversation with Damian Jagosz, Director of Infomex Development Department, who turned out to be an extraordinary, very specific, “magician” engineer. That’s the man with whom we visited the Żywiec Data Center.

We can only summarize our visit to Infomex in one way – it is a technologically modern company, mature in business, where you can meet fantastic, competent people. Thank you very much for the amazing meeting. Reds will certainly watch with great interest in their next activities and cheer on their way to success. We would like to thank Mr. Marcin, Mr. Damian and, of course, Marta Kobus, without whom the meeting would not have been successful.